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Get Paid To Text With Text Tango

TinaLynnLove started this conversation

Earning and getting rewarded with TexTango is super simple! Each text gives you one point. Our top texters each month win cash prizes. From time to time, we will have drawings and we actually surprise our members with cool prizes such as iPads, Android tablets or even cars! With each text you send, you will be moving closer to the next ’pay level’.

You will then receive our TexTango prepaid Visa card and enjoy even more exclusive benefits from TexTango and our partners.

Here is how the contest works: The Top 3 TexTango texters will earn $100 each per month and the remaining top 100 (or top 5% of TexTango texters-whichever is higher) will win $20!! You must send a minimum of 100 texts a month to be eligible for the contest.
Top 3 finishers: $100
Second Place Finishers (4-100): $20

What can possibly be better? A chance to win cold, hard cash at the end of the each month- all while promoting some awesome charities and brands! Be sponsored by the brands that want to reach people in your demographic. Now, get the app and text away!!!!!
Once you have sent over 3000 text messages, you will become eligible to actually get paid for each text that you send!
See official Contest Rules for more details:

Cold Hard Cash!!!???

You got it! TexTango really pays you to text! Why should only celebrities get paid for promoting a brand or product? Simply do what you do everyday - send out text messages!. Once a month, TexTango will pay you on your very own TexTango prepaid Visa® debit card and you can use your earnings anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted!


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kris0208   in reply to Gina5Gina
Hello, I wanna join what's this about?
Talk to kris0208
If anyone is interested in signing up for text tango and wants to exchange numbers to text back and forth I'm down! It's annoying to send it to people that you really know...
Talk to Gina5Gina